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Elrod Power Systems has been producing power cables since 2002. Our reputation
has grown over the years mainly by word of mouth. With the introduction of our
new power cable line in 2009 we also introduced interconnects and speaker cables.
The cable line is divided into two performance levels. Gold and Silver. The Gold series is
our reference line and the Silver series is our entry level. Our new cables build on the strengths of our past efforts without sacrificing the best that they offered.

Our cables are carefully hand built from the inside out, each requiring many hours of labor.
We use copper, silver, and gold to enhance the musicality of our patented design.
Resonance control, unique shielding, high quality terminations, and minimal impact dielectric
materials contribute to the performance of the cables. All of the cables feature new flexible ends making installation much easier. For our terminations we use the very
best connectors from Oyaide, Bocchino Audio, and WBT.
(Check the bottom of this page for links to the respective websites)
Technology only tells part of the story. Your ears will tell you the rest. For information on
how to experience our cables for yourself please refer to the contact page.
Bocchino Audio